4 Ways to Start Your Local Zero Waste Trips



Are you ready for a summer full of local Zero Waste traveling? We are!

With summer just around the corner, most of us cannot wait to plan and experience new adventures. After all, discovering new places is both thrilling and exciting. For some, it is all about reaching unseen destinations while for others it is about returning to that one beloved destination year after year.

However you decide to spend your summer months, travel is one sure way to enrich your soul, mind, and body.

Of course, planning your summer travels amid a pandemic can be challenging. If you live in Canada then you know that the federal government still emphasizes that all non-essential travel outside of Canada must be avoided.

So instead of hopping on a plane, go and travel and explore locally this summer. Although it can be challenging to be Zero Waste during your local trips, that should not stop you from trying. Can it be hard to accomplish? Yes, it can be. Is it possible? You bet!

So, let’s take a closer look at how can we increase the likelihood of Zero Waste traveling. Ready? Let’s go!

Pack Light, Travel Light

Packing light does not mean sacrificing on style or comfort. It does mean that you probably have to rethink some traveling basics and perhaps do a little research.

First of all, leave home that extra suitcase and focus on bringing only one bag, even if you go on a longer trip. Your back will thank you in the long run, trust me.

If thinking about leaving behind your four pairs of shoes makes you hyperventilate a little, don’t! Unless you are traveling to attend a wedding (or bowling alley), your one pair of shoes should be multi-use and serve you well during the entire trip.

Secondly, bring your own toiletries and grooming products with zero-waste packaging. Also, stay away from any plastic by bringing your own sustainable cutlery.

The trick is to prepare well and pack with intention. Challenge yourself and get ready in eco-friendly ways.

Create Memories, Not Garbage

Your local traveling trips are all about creating new experiences. The most beautiful holiday memories include family, friends, adventure, love, fun, and laughter. Less beautiful are the ones involving piles of garbage, plastic, paper, and food waste…

Try to bring back the same amount of items as you packed to-go. Don’t buy kitschy souvenirs. Many are mass-produced and end up collecting dust in a drawer or worse, being discarded in a landfill.

Instead, take pictures, many of them, and share them digitally. Keep a journal and pen-down all those adventures. Many years from now, you will enjoy these stories while reading them over and over again.

If you really insist on buying memorabilia, make sure they are locally hand-crafted; this way you’ll play your part in supporting local economies.

Stay Close to Home

During these challenging times, it is not the moment to go and check off all those exotic-bucket-list trips this coming summer. Instead, travel close to home and create plenty of exciting memories and amazing moments to share. Just stay curious and gaze at anything you come across from a tourist point of view.

Why not organize a walking-holiday? Zero emissions and healthy for you! If you cannot walk the distance try the public transport system (bring your mask). You might get to know some interesting people along the way, and it will reduce your carbon footprint.

Lodge Sustainably

While on your trip, you could look into staying in homes instead of hotels. This way you can continue to recycle, compost, cook, and make your own zero-waste products. Consider housesitting as an option or using Airbnb to book yourself a private home. Another possibility is to find eco-lodging opportunities.

Why not consider going camping with the family? Both adults and young people can benefit from a camping lifestyle. You get to enjoy the wondrous settings of the green outdoors, while you get to wake up with the sun and the chirping of birds. If you ask us, this is an experience anybody should have on the regular.

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