Our Companies

Our Companies

Happy Stan’s Recycling (HSR) Services Ltd. is a group of services dedicated to reducing waste across British Columbia.

Since offering paper and cardboard recycling in 1988, HSR, founded by “Happy Stan” Kaminski, has expanded its services to accept over 40 different materials and a range of resource management solutions that encourage the highest and best use of materials.

With resource conservation and environmental protection at the core of HSR’s values, we needed a more focused set of services to drive change toward waste reduction rather than waste management. In 2017, HSR established a zero waste division now known as HSR Zero Waste. It provides solutions to waste management and effective and practical zero waste education and training to guide our clients toward waste reduction principles. We develop and expand Zero Waste Canada’s international zero waste programs, and have the knowledge and training to consult on BOMA and TRUE certifications and audit for BOMA, Green Marine, and LEED standards

Now a family-run business, HSR and our global network of resource management professionals are committed to practices and policies that help facilities across BC and beyond become environmental advocates and a part of the circular economy.

Our Vision

HSR’s vision is to lead the change by providing zero waste education and training on zero waste policies, practices and systems. As thought leaders, we want to steward the creation of a paradigm shift to elevate and shift the resources management industry into a zero waste industry.

Our Mission

At HSR, we challenge ourselves and our community, driving change to protect people and our planet. We believe it is a global responsibility to reduce and eliminate waste that is harmful to the environment and all life.

As environmental advocates that promote zero waste practices and services, we help our clients and the community to understand and responsibly manage their reusable and recyclable materials, ensuring a healthy and happy future.

HSR Zero Waste

HSR Zero Waste provides consulting and commercial services and zero waste education and training for facilities to meet their zero waste aspirations and resource management needs. This includes ongoing education about recycling, organics, and specialty waste management programs to tenants and staff of facilities. We offer end-to-end solutions for businesses to achieve their sustainability goals.

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HSR Resource Recovery Community Drop-Off Depot

HSR offers drop-off depot services for many items not covered in your residential blue box system, such as scrap metal, alkaline & lead acid batteries, and light bulbs and fluorescent tubes. We also handle the destruction of confidential information, such as office files and hard drives.

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