Sadaf @ BIO RAW

“”At BIO RAW, we pride ourselves on using our business as a force of good without compromise. The Zero Waste Fundamental course has further empowered our team and me to take positive steps towards better corporate citizens. I am grateful for the opportunity to have taken the Zero Waste Canada Fundamental course. The course is well designed and nicely presented! It has so much information with good examples on social justice and economic impacts because “zero waste” is ultimately about much more than just waste.
The main take away from this course is that “we are an incubator of good ideas and drivers of positive change” towards the goal of being zero waste. The positive steps that we take right now will not only help us but also help future generations.
I look forward to being a champion for zero waste. I plan to implement the principles not only at the workplace but also in my day-to-day life. I look forward to spreading awareness in my community.” – Sadaf @ BIO RAW