Start Creating Your Own Zero Waste Kitchen

Let’s start creating your Zero Waste Kitchen!

Many people share with us that they feel a little overwhelmed when they first learn about the Zero Waste lifestyle. Sometimes they feel intimidated and do not know how to start implementing the Zero Waste principles.

We reassure them by saying that this important lifestyle shift starts with a first, sometimes shaky, step. But, no matter how small and shaky that step may be, it is a step in the right direction. Once you take a few of those smaller steps, you quickly will find yourself on solid grounds, ready to take on the Zero Waste lifestyle challenge! Trust us☺.

One of our previous blog posts on the topic explains that there is absolutely no need to suddenly get rid of all your disposable items and run out to the store to buy new, eco-friendly ones. Always use up your disposable items first, as this is part of the journey toward Zero Waste.

It is always a good idea is to take this exciting journey step-by-step, or in this case, room-by-room. Today we will tackle the kitchen, as this is one of the easiest places, to begin with.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the following 3 easy-to-take-steps toward a Zero Waste kitchen.

Start collecting jars (lots of them!)

If you follow us on Instagram then you know we love to store our food leftovers in those beautifully shaped mason jars! But really, any sort of glass or metal container will do just fine to store food and have it ready for another meal. Avoid the plastic-wrapping avalanche and opt for a stylish mason jar instead. It is an easy change that will start reducing your ecological footprint.

zero waste kitchen

Plan a Zero Waste Kitchen Cleaning Routine

We circle back to this topic often. Traditional cleaning relies heavily on chemical solutions, plastic bottles, plastic bags, disposable wipes, and other harmful products. The ease of planning a less harmful kitchen cleaning routine will surprise you!

To help you on your way, Zero Waste Canada created the Zero Waste Cleaning Guide that aims at helping you reduce toxins and waste in your home and transition into a true, Zero Waste lifestyle.

Say No to Paper Towels and Plastic Wrappings

It is time to say no to paper towels and all plastic wrappings. You can easily be without them and nature will thank you for it abundantly. You can cut back on the use of paper towels by using dish rags instead.

Tip: Take an old beach towel, cut it up and you’ll have enough rags that you will be able to use for a very long time. You simply wash and reuse!

As for plastic wrappings, there are plenty of alternatives out there. Use plates to cover bowls, beeswax wraps to wrap food leftovers, and of course, any reusable food container.

There you go … Nothing overwhelming about that! So, go and start your Zero Waste journey today!

Zero Waste Fundamentals Program

Those who are ready to take their Zero Waste knowledge to the next level can register for the Zero Waste Fundamentals Program.

This self-run course consists of 5 sessions, a mix of video classes, mini-quizzes, exercises, and additional resources. It is specifically designed for those who are looking for more in-depth knowledge on Zero Waste and aims to provide a solid foundation of Zero Waste practices, policies, values, and concepts.

After completion, you will be able to actively identify, support, and advocate for Zero Waste, achieving a Zero Waste Canada official certificate of conclusion.

It is time to delve into this new way of living and become the first among your colleagues, community, friends, and family, who started their journey toward Zero Waste.

Registration is now open and we hope that you will join the wonderful global community of Zero Waste enthusiasts!

Register here for the Zero Waste Fundamental program. You can also download the course handbook.

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