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What our Students Say

“The Zero Waste Fundamentals training is very detailed and worthwhile. The structure of the course, the content and the supplemental materials are informative and educational.” – Hafsat, Urban Planner & ZWC Volunteer


“The Zero Waste Fundamentals program opened my eyes wider to the global issues and solutions. It reinforced my understanding of the circular economy and about what is needed to change in order to make a huge difference. I am looking forward to going further with the learning. Thank you”  – Lyne Chartier, Owner of Slimmer Waste Blog

Lyne Chartier

 “This course was an excellent introduction to Zero-Waste. It exposed, in depth, the many weaknesses of current waste management processes and showed how zero waste addresses all of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. It reinforced how the current view of ‘out of sight, out of mind’ is a damaging perspective, and as communities, we need to be aware of the issues faced once garbage and recycling is removed from our properties so we can work together towards a more sustainable world. This course is highly recommended.” – Claire Purvis, Sustainability Consultant

Claire Purvis, Sustainability Consultant

“Before enrolling in this course, I had minimal knowledge about zero waste. This course opened my eyes to the fact that zero waste is much more than not disposing one’s waste properly. However, it takes into consideration the materials used by industries to make their products and the impact they have on the environment. Additionally, how we consume products and what is the end result of each product. Zero waste encourages reuse and recovery of products without burning and without discharges to our environment. Learning all of this, and identifying it as a massive environmental issue, going forward, I will pay keen attention to what I consume. I will perform a waste composition study and minimize waste as I go along. Most importantly, I will encourage those in my bubble and the wider community to engage in such practices.” – Venice


“The Zero Waste Fundamentals course is very informative, and great for someone who has no knowledge at all in waste. It creates awareness around waste consumption issues in society while also painting a brighter future.” – Shauna Black, Policy Specialist, Province of BC.

Shauna Black

“”At BIO RAW, we pride ourselves on using our business as a force of good without compromise. The Zero Waste Fundamental course has further empowered our team and me to take positive steps towards better corporate citizens. I am grateful for the opportunity to have taken the Zero Waste Canada Fundamental course. The course is well designed and nicely presented! It has so much information with good examples on social justice and economic impacts because “zero waste” is ultimately about much more than just waste.
The main take away from this course is that “we are an incubator of good ideas and drivers of positive change” towards the goal of being zero waste. The positive steps that we take right now will not only help us but also help future generations.
I look forward to being a champion for zero waste. I plan to implement the principles not only at the workplace but also in my day-to-day life. I look forward to spreading awareness in my community.” – Sadaf @ BIO RAW

Sadaf @ BIO RAW

“I’ve taken the ZW Canada Fundamentals course and was very pleased with it. It covers a wide range of aspects affected by a ZW goal, including not only its environmental, but also its social justice and economic impacts. I was particularly happy with their clear message that ZW is a journey, and it doesn’t depend just on government rules; but it starts with individual choices and behavior.” – Ana Carvalho, ZWIA Board Member

Ana Carvalho

“I liked the program because it explains what Zero waste is in an easy-to-understand way. The material they provide helps a lot since it is very well selected. For me, the program was a wake-up call to take action. The program encouraged me to spread the message in my community.” – Susana Moncada, University of Calgary M.Sc. Sustainable Energy Development Student

Susana Moncada

“The zero waste fundamentals course reinforced existing knowledge whilst introducing new concepts regarding systematic thinking.” – Poppy


“I registered for this course with some background knowledge of zero waste practices as I previously worked in the waste and recycling, and this course further cemented this knowledge in addition to providing me with a broader scope of the meaning of zero waste. I will take this forward in both my career and personal paths, and be a stronger advocate.” – Alastair MacCallum, Sustainability Professional

Alastair MacCallum


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