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What our Students Say

“The Zero Waste Fundamentals course exceeded my expectations. It provides learners with an extremely thorough, in-depth look at waste and ultimately makes you see how the Zero Waste movement is about much more than just waste. I took the course to supplement my education in Environmental Sustainability, but the course is extremely straightforward and can be taken by anyone with any level of knowledge regarding the environment. I recommend this course for anyone who is even remotely interested in human health, environmental health, social justice, community involvement, business, government/policy, and beyond.” – Emily B., MES Western University Student

Emily B.

“The program was very interesting and inspiring. I’m ready to learn and do more!” – Susan S.

Susan S.

“I have very much enjoyed my experience so far in expanding my knowledge in Zero Waste practices. With my background in manufacturing and production,  I have a habit of being very driven, results oriented and want the biggest bang for my efforts.  Most of my professional goals and objects are destination oriented, so one of the most valuable things I have gained through my enrollment in the Zero Waste Programs was  “Zero Waste is a Journey, not a Destination”.    This has helped me change my mindset and accept that success is not the end result, but moving in the right direction every day.  The other key learning for me was involving the community,  in my case, this is my employees.  It is a process of educating one person at a time and influencing their behaviour, to make the more zero waste friendly choice.” – Norah M.

Norah M.

“This was an incredible course! It showed the systematic approach to Zero Waste instead of the Linear thinking that we have adapted to now. It was very detailed and provided lots of references and information to be able to carry forward on the Journey to Zero Waste. Extremely good content for the Amount Paid for the Course. Well worth it!”

Tammy Barton

A very interesting and informative course! I gained a lot of valuable knowledge and practical strategies that will be beneficial to myself as well as those I work with in the community and professionally.”

Anisa Maruschak

My experience was really great with the Zero Waste Fundamental Course, I found it informative and presented in a very attractive way, the course is very well organized and conceived, and the course materials were good.

ZWF courses provide the perfect learning opportunity for everyone who needs to know the basics about the global waste problem. It was a pleasure being a part of your course, among the many phrases that were used in the course to describe the problem, I like this one more: Waste is a VERB not a NOUN.
I highly recommend it.

Asim Widatalla

NordTech Consulting - Sweden

“The ZWF course is something I think everyone should take.  It not only opened my eyes and my mind to the global waste crisis, it has inspired me to want to take action to address the issue. I truly believe this course should be offered to all high school students so we can engage today’s youth in being part of the solutions we need to move ahead.”

Deanna Hammel

Be the Change

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Zero Waste Fundamentals course. It gave me a broader understanding of the environmental and social issues relating to the current linear system as well as the benefits of adopting a systems thinking mindset. I appreciated the flexibility of being able to watch the recordings as opposed to having to attend live sessions. The additional resources were also very helpful. I recommend this course to anyone who is interested in exploring ways to  positively contribute to their community.”

Caroline Thibault

Co-founder of The Nulla Project

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