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Zero Waste Canada Training Programs

HSR Zero Waste is the  exclusive provider of Zero Waste Canada Educational Programs.

With access to a global network of Zero Waste and resource management professionals, we represent the premier local driver of Zero Waste practices, policies, and expertise within the community, offering a wide array of Zero Waste Educational Programs that guide business and individuals towards a lower environmental impact and the circular/sharing economy.

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Intro to Zero Waste

Zero Waste starts with you. The “Intro to Zero Waste” info session intends to promote and introduce Zero Waste best practices within the general public, answering questions like: WHAT Zero Waste is, WHY Zero Waste is important, WHY going Zero Waste NOW, and HOW you can make a change! Begin your Zero Waste journey today!
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Zero Waste Fundamentals Program

The ZWF program is designed for those who are looking for more information on Zero Waste and how to take it to the next level. It aims to provide individuals with a solid foundation of Zero Waste practices, policies, values, and concepts. After completion, you will be able to actively identify, support and advocate for Zero Waste.
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Zero Waste Associate Program

This program provides individuals with an in-depth understanding of Zero Waste practices and policies applied to the facility level. After completion, an official certificate is issued and the Zero Waste Associate designation is granted. Whether a small business or community center, a large complex or venue. Any facility can work toward Zero Waste!
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Zero Waste Facility Associate Program

Designed to guide independent consultants and people working in an organization seeking a Zero Waste Certification. The ZWFA program provides facility representatives with the knowledge and understanding of ZWC’s certification program, criteria and submission requirements. After completion, you will be able to guide a facility to their recognition/certification application and be granted a Zero Waste Facility Associate designation.
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Zero Waste Verifier Program

The ZWV Program provides Zero Waste Facility Associates with an in-depth knowledge and understanding of ZWC’s facility certification program, criteria, and submission requirements. After completion, you will be able to verify, as an independent third party on behalf of ZWC, whether a facility has met all of the recognition/certification criteria to a satisfactory level.

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