Waste Audit & Composition Study

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HSR Zero Waste’s team includes industry experts with over 3 decades of experience in performing zero waste audit and composition study for businesses of all sizes and types.

We provide an operational audit service tailored to your sustainability requirements, whether it’s complying with environmental programs, achieving sustainability goals, increasing waste program participation with staff and waste diversion rates, or adopting zero waste practices.

What Is A
Zero Waste Audit & Composition Study?

A Zero Waste Audit & Composition Study represents a baseline waste reduction assessment, focusing on measuring the amount of material discards generated by a facility over ‌time, as well as characterizing its composition.

The HSR Zero Waste staff will collect, sort, and weigh a representative sample of the waste generated by the facility to record its quantities and types of materials. We develop a deep analysis of the findings in a facilities assessment containing feedback from our zero waste experts.

This facilities assessment measures the effectiveness of the facility’s separate collection program. We collect the data to identify opportunities for intervention toward better resource management, waste reduction, cost savings, and the adoption of zero waste practices.

A primarily qualitative waste reduction review or Zero Waste Facility Assessment complements a Zero Waste Composition Study. Together, these baseline facilities assessments represent a facility’s current level of performance, creating a basis from which to document the facility’s progress toward zero waste‌.

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Zero Waste Audit & Composition Study?

A Zero Waste Audit & Composition Study offers a quantitative analysis of the amount of waste generated by a facility and characterizes its composition. The study creates zero waste baseline data, determines current program effectiveness, identifies opportunities for intervention and waste-related cost savings, and helps to increase the waste diversion rate. It also represents a required step for recognition or Zero Waste Canada certification.

Zero Waste Audit & Composition Study For?

A Zero Waste Audit & Composition Study is for any organization looking to collect data regarding its waste generation, nature, and composition. HSR Zero Waste serves a wide range of businesses; any establishment can benefit from clear and measurable waste insights.

Examples of facilities may include but are certainly not limited to:


Coffee Shops


Community Centers





Shopping Centers


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