“Don’t waste your time, let’s zero in to what’s happening in our world.

Construction and Zero Waste

It sounds like a daunting proposition to achieve zero waste in the world of construction, renovation, and demolition, yet an increasing number of companies are doing exactly that. >> Read more
Solar panels along with wind-generated energy are considered to be the renewable power that will help us win the fight against climate change and reach for a cleaner future. Although solar panels play an important role in our fight against climate change, first-generation solar panels are starting to die and might be leaving behind a big pile of solar mess. >> Read more

The Wasteberg Concept and Zero Waste

More than 2 decades ago people began to realize the impossibility of reaching a sustainable society by ONLY focussing on downstream recycling and waste diversion. This realization created the foundations for the Zero Waste movement and its underlying “no waste to landfill” philosophies.  >> Read more

Start Creating Your Own Zero Waste Kitchen

Many people share with us that they feel a little overwhelmed when they first learn about the Zero Waste lifestyle. Sometimes they feel intimidated and do not know how to start implementing the Zero Waste principles. Don't worry, HSR Zero Waste is here to support you on your journey! >> Read more

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