Zero Waste Facility Assessment

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Zero Waste Facility Assessment

HSR Zero Waste provides Zero Waste Facility Assessment services to help facilities establish baselines that can be used to advance towards stated environmental and operational objectives such as the Zero Waste Facility Certification.

With over 30 years of experience in the waste diversion industry, our team of Zero Waste Experts are ready to work with you to achieve your Zero Waste and sustainability goals.

Our Process

Site Visit:

We schedule and perform a site tour to better understand your business operations and basic flow.


We discuss your goals, policies, programs, and practices and establish a scope of work.

Facility Assessment:

We take a detailed tour of your facility mapping out and documenting your operation and waste generation activities as well as your waste management practices.


We interview lead operators in order to ensure full understanding from the Facility Assessment, discuss key observations, and fill in any missing information gaps from the Assessment.


We cross-check the site visit findings with the meeting and interview information and develop an in-depth report. The report outlines key Zero Waste steps by establishing your waste baseline, identifying waste reduction opportunities, and indicating how to optimize your waste and recycle program by providing suggested methods to increase your recycling while also reducing overall garbage generated. It will also highlight any necessary training and, in most cases, provide cost-saving opportunities.

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A Zero Waste Facility Assessment represents an in-depth primary qualitative baseline assessment, focusing on identifying a facility’s existing policies, practices, and systems, as they relate to its resource use. This assessment serves the purpose of providing an overview of where a facility stands on the Zero Waste spectrum, from policies, training, and purchasing to how materials are handled.

A Zero Waste Facility Assessment set the stage for and is complemented by a Waste Composition Study or audit, allowing for targeted information gathering to optimize resources and opportunities Together, these baseline assessments provide an overview of a facility’s current level of performance, creating a basis from which to document the facility’s progress towards Zero Waste over time.

The Zero Waste Facility Assessment is one of the requirements to achieve the Zero Waste Canada´s Zero Waste Facility Certification.


Any facility that is looking to adopt a Zero Waste policy or move in the direction of sustainability and Zero Waste.

It includes various establishments types across multiple industries and sizes, which may range from salons to public libraries.

Examples of facilities may include but are certainly not limited to:


Coffee Shops


Community Centers





Shopping Centers


  • Represents a valuable starting point when it comes to implementing Zero Waste policies and practices at the facility level.
  • Helps facilities of all kinds measure Zero Waste performance over time.
  • Provides Insight into where a facility currently stands on the Zero Waste spectrum, at that particular moment in time.
  • Outlines opportunity areas for intervention for Zero Waste, based on existing policies and practices, and their performance or impact to date.
  • Facilitates a collaborative and target approach to a Waste Assessment or Audit
  • Is a required step in Zero Waste Canada´s Zero Waste Facility Certification process.
  • Provides an opportunity to tell the story of your Zero Waste Journey from the beginning