Reducing the number of single-use cups and takeout containers

Reducing the number of single-use cups and takeout containers

Jan 26th, 2021

We are so happy to announce that the Zero Waste Fundamentals course is running successfully and that we are receiving testimonials that praise our newly designed course.

One of our students, Caroline Thibault, co-founder of The Nulla Project, recently completed our course, earned the official Zero Waste Canada (ZWC) certificate of completion. She wrote us a glowing testimonial that we felt we just had to share with you in our blog section.

Reducing single-use cups and takeout containers

Caroline, together with her cousin Nancy Prevost-Maurice, launched the Nulla project in December 2019, a social-environmental enterprise with a vision to reduce single-use cups and takeout container waste from the landfill and the ocean while keeping the to-go culture alive.

They hope to help eliminate from circulation single-use non-backyard compostable cups and takeout containers, in the city of Victoria, BC, and beyond. In the one year since the start of their pilot project, they succeeded to reduce an estimated 9000 single-use cups!

Caroline shared these wonderful words about our course:

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Zero Waste Fundamentals course. It gave me a broader understanding of the environmental and social issues relating to the current linear system as well as the benefits of adopting a systems thinking mindset. I appreciated the flexibility of being able to watch the recordings as opposed to having to attend live sessions. The additional resources were also very helpful. I recommend this course to anyone who is interested in exploring ways to positively contribute to their community.”

The Zero Waste Fundamentals course is a self-run course designed for those who are looking for more information on Zero Waste and how to take it to the next level. It aims to provide individuals with a solid foundation of Zero Waste practices, policies, values, and concepts.

HSR Zero Waste can only applaud both Caroline and Nancy for their passion for the environment and their decision to start a business with the beautiful aim to reduce waste.

We will stay in touch and keep you updated on their inspiring endeavours.

More info on the Nulla Project here.

You can also earn your Zero Waste certificate

We are still at the beginning of a new year, which makes this the perfect time for you to take your Zero Waste knowledge to the next level and register for the Zero Waste Fundamentals Program.

This self-run course consists of 5 sessions, a mix of video classes, mini-quizzes, exercises, and additional resources. After completion, you will be able to actively identify, support, and advocate for Zero Waste. You will also achieve a Zero Waste Canada official certificate of completion, just as Caroline did!

Start any day, any time!

Register here for the Zero Waste Fundamental program.

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